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I have a never ending quest to find good free stuff. Finding free stuff is easy - its the GOOD bit that stumps me…

Often I dont even mind paying for something if its quality, but obviously free is better!

Quality Icons are something I am always on the lookout for and I have been a member of Icon Buffet for a long time now — I'm a big fan of the free deliveries — and, although I've purchased a few packs (Oslo, Oslo Buzz and Soho), they are very expensive for a "bedroom programmer" such as myself.

I just found this plugin (again) on The Games Creators Forum. Basically it adds new features to Dark Basic Pro. I'd used an older version of it but this one seems to have plenty more! Hopefully I'll put the project I'm using it for up soon - a resource management game

Last week (Thursday I think) I worked late and ended up walking from work (near Barbican Tube Station, London) to London Bridge Station (about a 35 minute walk if you know the back-roads). Putting aside the fear of being mugged down an alley somewhere, I quite like walking through London when its dark. The lights often look beautiful.

Over 20 free windows applications under 2mb, courteously of revision3 forum member, lordfoul. Definately a list to look into. Applications range from miscellaneous software, command utilities, system performance tools, and more.

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