Girlfriend + Camera = playing with fire!

After my girlfriend started showing an interest in photography I decided to buy her a new camera as a surprise. I chose the Canon EOS 400D and she has had it for almost 3 weeks now and already she has come up with some STUNNING photo's.

Her first shots with it were wildlife and nature based…

Greenwich Park Blossom Greenwich Park Blossom Yellow Flower Yellow Flower Hover Fly

I have taken a few photo's with it too...

Night Leaf Night Leaf

Finally, last night she was playing about with the camera and took these lovely warm photo's on a candle and a burning match.

Burning Match Burning Match Candle Candle

Flickr has the full sized images from the camera - I'm amazed at the quality! Most of the early photo's were taken in auto mode, but the dark candle/match ones were taken using some manual overrides on the exposure, aperture and ISO settings.