Redbull gives you wings

At the first race of the FIA Formula 1 season, David Coulthard seems to have been drinking too much of his sponsor's (Redbull) product. He tried to pull off an absolutely ridiculous move on Alexander Wurz which ended up with him being launched, literally, off the cockpit of Wurz's car!

From the video (courtesy of DaVinCinl1 from YouTube), you can see from a few angles how close Coulthard came to decapitating Wurz.

When exactly is David Coulthard going to retire from F1? Between him and Jenson Button's bad luck with reliability - its no wonder we've won nothing in F1 since Nigel Mansell upped and left for the Indi series!

At least we seem to have a promising talent in McLaren's protégé Lewis Hamilton. 3rd place in his first race - pretty good!