Fantastic drupal site for Free Nokia N73 themes

Need themes for Nokia N73? Download Nokia N73 Themes for free for your Nokia N73 handset.

I found this site while looking around the net. I am considering getting a Nokia N73 and I wanted to know what resources were out there. Then I found this site…

On the left are some of my personal favourite themes - I really like the Vista Alternative one.


Try visiting his site - there are LOADS more themes there with new addidtionas daily, usually.



All downloads are completely free to obtain plus there is an added community aspect to the site too. Once signed up and logged in, a user can submit new themes to the site which will earn them points. These points are currently cumilative and simply go towards increasing your  position in the leaderboard of contributers. I can only assume this site will grow and use these points for prizes (in a give and take sense). You can also view all the most recent themes added and most recent comments too.

You can rate themes, leave your own comments on themes (without logging in) and, once logged in, have a buddy list too! Fantastic.

This is a really good example of a community driven site built in Drupal 5 and I think it will do very, very well indeed!