Articles about days out

These are articles I've written about days out I've had, such as reviews on pubs and days out at car racing.

A day later than I wanted to but here are some photos I took while at the Saturday Muse concert at Wembley Stadium - the first sell-out show at the new venue in North London. They're also the first "proper band" to play there (George Michael is a solo artist).

Yahoo Breakfast

Well I'm back home - fortunately my flight was better leaving the US than it was entering. I only managed to snap 7 photo's, however I've had them on Flickr almost as soon as I'd taken them. I've also now created a Flickr group which is completely public and free to join. Please add your photo's to this pool!

Well Day 2 is starting soon. Lets see what this beautiful new day brings!

I'm really torn about what talks to do today. The first scheduled talks are really clashing! I want go to both the Drupal Lightning and the Drupal Profiles talk. After that, I think the Yahoo Pipes session sounds interesting. Then I'm torn between the FormsAPI talk and the Date + Calander talk.

Well - It took us 10 hours longer than it should have done to get to the US - but the first day of the OSCMS (Open Source Content Management System) Summit 2007 sponsored by Yahoo! is over. What a day its been!

The Woodman - Ide Hill

This evening I went out to a pub called The Woodman in Ide Hill with my Uncle and his friend. Its been a while since I've been out to a nice pub and this one certainly is a nice pub!

You can see from the photo (click to enlarge) that the interior makes for a very warm and inviting environment. The staff are friendly and polite. There is a wide variety of drinks and the ale selection is, although limited to 3 pumps, good quality. They were serving Old Speckled Hen, Bombardier & Youngs Special.

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