Day 2 drawing to a close

Well thats it - this year's DrupalCon hosted by Yahoo! at their Open Source CMS Summit 2007 is over. Winding up the conference are the Lullabot guy's doing their podcast.

I've really enjoyed this conference and have gained so much from it, from knowledge gained through the fantastic talks to something as simple as putting a face to a name (IRC or real) and making contacts. I'm writing this up during the talk and, ironically, the above point of putting names to faces was just brought up (you'll hear it in the podcast).

On top of the conference just being all-round great I've also really enjoyed my stay in America and, dare I say it, I've got to the point where I'd actually really like to live here. Everything is about half the price it is in the UK. The weather is nicer. The people are (or at least seem) more friendly. I'm sure I'll think of a legitimate reason for wanting to live in the UK at some point (excluding obvious reasons like family, friends and loved ones).

Here is a photo of the Lullabot team doing the Podcast.

Larger photo of the Lullabot podcast crew