Muse - Wembley 2007

A day later than I wanted to but here are some photos I took while at the Saturday Muse concert at Wembley Stadium - the first sell-out show at the new venue in North London. They're also the first "proper band" to play there (George Michael is a solo artist).



Rain before the concert To say it rained when we arrived is an understatement!

Concrete Plant outside Wembley Stadium It must have taken so much concrete to build Wembley that they had to build a dedicated concrete plant outside!

Inside Wembley Stadium - Panoramic - Early This is a panoramic of Wembley Stadium before anything "interesting" happened.

Inside Wembley Stadium - Panoramic - later This is a similar panoramic from the same position taken a little during one of the warm-ups.

Stage before Muse This is the stage, just before Muse came on.

Finally Muse! Finally - Muse! You can just about make out someone wearing red on the stage.

Muse playing with Glowing Orbs in background These are the glowing orbs in the background of the stage - they changed colour depending on the song.

Photo of Orbs, shot with flash I tried taking a photo of the orbs with a flash but, as you can see, a K800i flash isn't quite powerful enough to light up Wembley Stadium!

Lights? No! They're mobile phones! One of the last songs was a slower song (I forget which song) and everyone got their mobile phones out. Gone are the day's of lighters being used!

Similar Mobile Phone Lights Shot As much as it might seem geeky to find mobile phone light romantic, you have to admit it does look quite beautiful.

I thought this concert was one of the best I've been to. They EASILY out did their performance at Wembley Arena last year - and thats something I never thought I'd see!