The Woodman

This evening I went out to a pub called The Woodman in Ide Hill with my Uncle and his friend. Its been a while since I've been out to a nice pub and this one certainly is a nice pub!

You can see from the photo (click to enlarge) that the interior makes for a very warm and inviting environment. The staff are friendly and polite. There is a wide variety of drinks and the ale selection is, although limited to 3 pumps, good quality. They were serving Old Speckled Hen, Bombardier & Youngs Special.


The food was unbelievable. They have a standard menu and a chalkboard of daily specials ranging from steak's to fish based meals to good quality home-cooked food. I chose to have Liver and Bacon with Onions on a bed of mash. My uncle had Scampi and Chips and his friend just had a prawn cocktail starter (he'd eaten before going out). My meal was faultless and, dare I say it, the best liver and bacon I've even eaten!

The deserts were equally, if not more, fantastic. My uncle had Tiramasu and I had Orange and Cointreau Brullee. It was unbelievable!

All in all - it was a brilliant meal and I really would like to go back there again… All I need to do is find a route I can remember!

Where is it then?

Below is a usable Google map to help you find The Woodman.


I cant use that - where else can I look?

Well - if you cant be pleased with an embedded Google Map then what else can I do?! Oh yeah… I know… They have their own website - - which I must say is quite a nice one, in my opinion.