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These are articles relating to announcements I feel are worth announcing such as new games or websites

The site has recently had a few updates…

  • Tagadelic - A Tag Cloud which shows all the tags used on this site but sized and weighted to show how often they are used. More cool than practicle :-)
  • Design - The headers have had a slight design change - I quite like the gradient/line/drop-shaddo look they have now
  • Photo's and projects added... You can see more and more content coming onto the site!

Drupal 5.0 beta1 has been announced.

It comes with many new features, including a web-based install system, improved administration tools, and a shiny new theme! There are also tons of under-the-hood improvements, such as the inclusion of the jQuery JavaScript library, node access system improvements (ACL), and many improvements to the Form API.


Well its nearly 1am - but I've just submitted by very first Drupal module to the community

Basically, if you have an alias for a node then it will redirect you to the alias if you try to access the node directly… The best example is the site it was designed for. At you could access a news story by:

A project I've been working on for months, recently accelerated with the assistance of two newly employed colleagues (who are picking up this Drupal thing VERY quickly!) have meant that has finally moved from an old Solaris and Oracle setup with no server management or backup facility to a nice shiny new one with a company called Rackspace.

Welcome to TMJ. This site contains the work and thoughts of its owner, Nicholas Thompson. This is version 3 of Thingy Ma Jig. It started out being a table-based hand written site with very basic features. I then started to write version 2 with more features which I learned since starting version 1. Since then I have been introduced to Drupal which is, in my opinion, the best content management system available (or at least for free).

This is a drupal powered site which currently contains a few Dark Basic Pro programs and games I've written (I hope to upload MANY more), a blog which I have just started and some RSS feeds from some sites (down the right).

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