Christmas Coding Challenge

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As many of you may know, I'm a BIG fan of Dark Basic Pro and this christmas the coding challenges are doing something a little different - a challenge that's allowed to use MEDIA an also has a prize other than setting the next challenge… A custom bitmap designed by a professional designer!

The only media that you're allowed to use is this festive smily…

Festive Smily

Christmas Coding Challenge Banner


This is from the site…

The rules

This is a one off, so there are a couple of changes to the normal rules. Firstly, the christmas-smilie image must be used in some way. To keep things simple, the image will be included as data at the end of your entry, and converted using a data-to-image function (see below). This means no loading of files is necessary, and all entries can be tested with the usual copy-paste-execute technique.

Secondly, the judging will be done by a special guest judge… I've yet to get that finalised but I'm hoping one of the moderators is going to kindly step up there.

The Deadline

You have until the end of 2006! That's two weeks and a day.