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I have a Mac Book Pro and an iBook. I'm a huge fan of the Mac operating system, OSX and here is a list of software and websites.


I just wanted to quickly setup a reminder on my mac (in this case that Star Trek was on in ten minutes - I know, I'm a geek!). It dawned on me that I didn't know a way to do this off the top of my head.

After a little Googling and trial and error, I found that the awesome Quicksilver could execute timed events!

It's a little convoluted, however here is the process...

iPhone Theme

I treated myself to a nice new iPhone last week and am LOVING it!

My phone is jailbroken and unlocked now (using PwnageTool). This means I can run all kinda of funky apps and games. I decided recently to design my own theme to make my phone feel more like "mine". Here are some screenshots. I'm working with a friend on how to release this theme along with some he has done too…

This afternoon I needed to rename a bunch of files from one form to another in a command shell… Well technically I didn't need to do it in a shell - but, as sure as there is a hole in my ass, I wasn't gonna go through renaming them all manually!

They needed to go from, for example, add.png to add_32.png. After a little research into commands like printf, awk, bison and so on - I suddenly realized that 'cut' held the key!

Baby Tux

I recently needed to remotely copy over SSH a folder from the remote machine to my local machine. Usually this is not a problem, however the path to this folder had a space in it. The folder itself is rather large and contains files which wouldn't really benefit from compression. It turns out the solution was quite simple.

Color Jack

ColorJack is a recently popularized Color Theory Application

They have a fantastic online system and an offline OSX Dashboard Widget. Basically, they have a whole load of settings which you chose from. You then drag one of the points around on the colour "sphere" (circle) and you are provided with a list of complimentary colours.

To try this out, get your browser over to the ColorJack Sphere where you can try it online.

A sad day for me… My prized Mac Book Pro just died only 6 weeks after arriving. I powered it up the day after boxing day to hear the lovely noise a Mac makes when you power it up… Followed by a rather unusual noise… A noise I've heard before… A noise that brought back memories of data loss… anger… and regret that I hadn't backed up…

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