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Well it arrived last week and so far I've been nothing but impressed - 10/10!

I've also fairly recently moved home and thus my old commute to Canon Street is no more! I now (if I walk) get to go past tourist attractions such as St Pauls, Blackfriars Bridge and down towards Waterloo (where the internationally famous London Eye stands tall). During this walk I took some photos with my 'old' k800i and was reasonably impressed with them (factoring in that it is primarily a phone). After getting my new k850i I decided to walk the route again and take some more shots - a like-for-like comparison!

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I bought my girlfriend a Canon EOS 400D a few months back and I'm impressed with every photo that comes out of it - but I recently wondered if that was just because I KNEW it was a good camera. How good is it really? I mean, my Sony Ericsson K800i has a FANTASTIC camera on it (considering its a phone) and the Nikon E4600 I have (and my girlfriend had before her 'upgrade') took great photo's considering its price and it was VERY rugged. How could I test this... So I took all 3 camera's out and took 2 sets of photo's with each camera. Guess who won?

Browsing around the web this morning, I found a really cool site for getting Free mobile phone wallpapers.

This site has wallpapers for all kinda of phone makes and models, for example:

  • Sony Ericsson K800i
  • Nokia N70 Series, N80 Series & N90 Series
  • Motorola RAZR-V3
  • Samsung D500

There are literally tens of thousands of pages covering wallpaper styles from CGI to Celebrity

Last week (Thursday I think) I worked late and ended up walking from work (near Barbican Tube Station, London) to London Bridge Station (about a 35 minute walk if you know the back-roads). Putting aside the fear of being mugged down an alley somewhere, I quite like walking through London when its dark. The lights often look beautiful.

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