Lullabot Vodcasts on K800i

This morning I decided to watch the Lullabot Drupal 4.7.x to 5.x Conversion Tutorial. Thing is - my work PC doesn't have sound plus it's not ideal to watch a video and work on the same screen - not enough screen real estate.

I own a Sony Ericsson K800i, and have done for almost a year. Personally I think it's the best phone I've ever owned. I know it can play video's, however the one from the Lullabot site is going to be WAY too high quality for playback on a mobile phone. PSP Video 9 to the rescue!



A quick Google turned up this page: How to encode video for SE Handphones. This has a very thorough settings list for video and audio configuration.

I chose to use PSP Video 9 which is a completely free video converter for converting videos into MP4.

I started with the highest quality video settings recommended by the above How To. This is:

  • Video Settings

    • Mode: SP > A-VBR
    • Bitrate: 192 kbps
    • Resolution: 176 X 144
    • Framerate: 14.985 fps
    • Passes: 2
    • Min Rate: 48
    • Max Rate: 256
  • Audio Settings

    • Bitrate: 48 kbps
    • Channels: Stereo
    • Sample Rate: 32000 Hz

One thing to note about PSP Video 9 is that its profiles are designed to work for a widescreen PSP with considerably more "horsepower" than a mobile phone. It took me a few minutes to realise that I can manually edit the contents of the drop down boxes.

After setting the above configuration as a profile, I set the program going on the 38Mb Lullabot tutorial video. It took my work machine (P4 2.8Ghz, 1Gb RAM) about 5 minutes to do the 2 pass convert. I checked it out using VideoLAN (a free all-pupose player) before loading it onto the phone and it worked fine.

I plugged the phone into the PC using the provided USB cable and copied the now 15Mb (less than half the original size) video onto the memory card. I then opened the video using the Video Player option under Entertainment. After setting it to fullscreen and landscape, I watched and listened away while typing up this blog entry!

I am going to use this same process to convert up some video's I'll be recording using my WinTV Nova Stick T. This should make my daily commute MUCH more bearable!