Abessive For Drupal 6

My first theme, Abessive, gets a new release today for Drupal 6. Turns out to be a pretty easy upgrade!

In case nobody caught onto what Abessive was the first time; it is an (almost) image free theme with flexible 1, 2 or 3 column layout (depending on where/if you place any blocks). Each block/section has rounded corners and slight top & bottom gradient which is achieved using only CSS techniques involving margins, padding and background colours. This makes the theme very lightweight and elegant at the same time.

Abessive Screenshot

The theme has been tested in many browsers and only IE6 (as usual) has compatibility issues involving inexplicable columns positioning (patches welcome!).

I'd like to implement some kind of control panel for this module to allow easy customization of the gradients, backgrounds and border colours (rather like Color provides for Garland).

This theme is also SEO Friendly. By this I mean that the configuration of the HTML in the content forces the content to be rendered before the side-menu's. Afterall, content is king and that's what people are looking for! :-)