My First Drupal Theme

I have just finished commiting my very first theme to the drupal community! I'm not a designer by nature - I prefer to be deep in the code. Thats why I commited this theme - it contains very little design (in terms of Photoshop work). This design is, pretty much, image free! On top of that - its SEO friendly too!

Abessive Screenshot

I say 'Pretty much' because it is still using 3 core image files for the bullet points. But what I'm pleased about is the curved CSS-only corners with a slight gradient on them AND the fact that if you remove content from a column, the content fills out over it automatically.

This theme is compatible with all (known/common/tested) browsers except IE6. It mostly works in IE6 except the footer top border goes full width rather than insetted and, randomly, the left column jumps around!

The theme is completely XHTML 1.0 Strict compliant and validates with the W3 Validator.

The theme comes in a floating width version - I might work on a fixed with... Not sure yet.

In terms of SEO (mentioned earlier) it is quite friendly as, apart from the header coming first, the content section comes first the HTML and the menu's come later on.

Any thoughts? You can find the theme's project page on under Abessive.