Node Quick Find

I've just committed another module - Node Quick Find. That brings my projects to a nice round 10!

This module is a pretty basic one though. It simply provides a block which has an autocomplete field. This field is linked to the Node Title field. You start typing the Node Title and it will start suggesting possible nodes you might be interested in - sort of like a primitive search box.

It features primitive configuration, allowing an administrator to easil configure the title of the prompt, the size and the types of nodes returned in the autocomplete list (eg, you may want to limit the list to blogs only).


This may be useful for a site or it may not. For example, it probably wouldn't benefit a blog so much as the user would need to know the title of the blog entry they're looking for. I am using it for a suite of sites I'm developing for Dark Basic Pro. The site it was originally intended for is the API, however I've enabled it for 2 of the other 3 (Codebase and Challenges).

It's probably around about this point that someone will point out that it's been done before. If it has then I was clearly typing the wrong keywords into Google and Drupal Search!

I'm also keen to extend the features of this module so feature requests and suggestions are welcome.