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Matt Smith as Dr Who

The new Dr Who appears to be Matt Smith!

Whoa! He is so young! Almost depressingly, he is only 11 days younger than ME. Yes… The new Dr Who is younger than me.

I think he could be good. When the replaced Christopher Ecclestone with David Tennant I was a little wary and wondered if he could pull it off - which he obviously did. This guy looks (from the clips) like he should fit the character perfectly!

Christmas is over and, as usual, I think of a really good present to ask for too late… But I don't mind if I give myself a late present ;-)

I used to use an old WinTV Theatre PCI Card but I watched so little telly that I decided to remove it and use the space for making the computer lighter. My new toy is USB (2.0). It means I can also use it on my Mac Book Pro (once I get it back from Apple - they're still repairing my broken hard disk!).

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