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Miscellaneous stuff for a miscellaneous site - this is for all the things which dont really fit specifically into other categories. Purely random!

A2B2XS Shared Hosting

I currently host this Drupal blog using a VPS with a company called A2B2 (they have a new website coming soon) and in the past 12 months have been nothing but impressed by them… so impressed, in fact, that I've given out many personal recommendations and I've even recommended a friend who has transferred all his main sites over!

To add to their arsenal, A2B2 launched a sister company a few months back called which aims at a slightly lower-end market to that targeted by A2B2. Basically A2B2 use slightly higher-end hardware whereas CheapVPS offer lower prices - but on marginally less-capable hardware.

On top of A2B2's VPS server & CheapVPS offering a more budget VPS, A2B2 have now launched A2B2XS - a Shared Hosting service. They currently offer 1Gb space + 25Gb Bandwidth for under £20 per year - that's less than £1.70 a month!

A friend sent me a link to one of those optical illusion thingies. I'm often very sceptical of them however upon inspection, this one seemed different and legitimate. I don't think its fake - but I equally don't understand why its screws with your eye's so much! Here are the instructions from the website…

Sitting in work on a Monday morning and I just received a call on my mobile phone from an unknown number: 0701 2183144. I didn't get to answer it as they hung up before my ringtone even had a chance to kick in - not that I would have answered that anyway…

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