Primitive Maze


This is a game that started out as a personal challenge - "How hard is it to make a random maze?!"

Turns out the maze itself isn't too complicated. Its generated based on the principle of creating a path until that path cannot go any further. At that point, take a step back and pick a new direction (North, South, East or West) to go in, bearing in mind that two of those directions will already be taken by the previous and next choice in the already created path.

I then decided it'd be cool to make it into a game. This is not a finished game! Its getting there - I need to add a few extra's to it to finalise it.

How To Play

  • There are 4 pre-programmed control sets…
      Control Set
      A B C D
    Forward Up Arrow W I NumPad 8
    Brake Down Arrow S K NumPad 5
    Left Left Arrow A J NumPad 4
    Right Right Arrow D L NumPad 6
    Fire Right Shift Left Shift V NumPad Enter
    Reload Right Ctrl Left Ctrl B NumPad 0
  • On top of those controls there is also an AI option. The AI is very primitive. It will only explore the maze - it will not attack (on the to do list)!
  • The menu is controlled by the mouse
  • The resolution defaults to 800x600x16. If you want to use higher or lower then you need to editing the settings.ini file in the Settings folder as described by the included readme.txt


As with all the Dark Basic Professional games on this site, they are compiled using the latest version of DBP which means the lastest version of DirectX 9.0c is required. For details about this, please click here.


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