This is my entry into the Medialess Challenge set on February 2007 which was to re-invent a classic (rather than remake). This has turned into quite a fun game!

This game is not called Pongish - as I keep typing it!

Pongis Screenshot 1

How to Play

Player 1 uses left shift/ctrl and player 2 uses right shift/ctrl. This will move the paddle up and down its arc. Currently there are no options to set controls yourself - this will be in future versions. Score points by getting the ball off the side of the opponents screen edge (eg, player 2 scores by getting the ball off the left of the screen). No points if the ball drops down the gap between the floor and the screen edge.

Requirements - IMPORTANT

The instructions for getting a non-working game going on your machine can be found here: How to fix your game.

This game is configured to run at 800x600x16 - so it should run on any machine - as long as you have the latest version of Direct X 9.0c.

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