GraviKill started out as an experiment with the effect of a gravity field on a moving item. When I found you could get really cool sling-shots from the formula, I thought "What if I tried to fire something from A to B but it got effected by pushes and pulls in between?"… and thus GraviKill was born!

How To Play

There are 3 control types; 2 keyboard (hold-down and toggle) and mouse. Player 1 uses Q/A for up and down and player 2 uses O/L. Player 1 uses Z to fire and player 2 uses . (fullstop). For mouse control, move the mouse up and down and left click to fire. There are full control explanations in the readme html file included with the game along with explanations on how to change the default settings in the settings.ini file.


I have replaced the instructions on how to fix the december DirectX issue with those on the DBP page. Apart from the latest DirectX 9.0c (December edition), the game is pretty light on graphical requirements - should work on any graphics card.