Fireworks Screensaver


This started out as my entry for the Fireworks Challenge and I decided to build upon it to make a screensaver of it. Its pretty simple - no sounds (sounds in screensavers annoy me!), a city made of white boxes and brightly coloured fireworks

The challenge was actually back in June 2006 and its only recently, with fireworks going off outside, that I've decided to finish it!

How To Install

Just download the screensaver, double click the self-extracting file and you'll see a nice new screensaver. Press right mouse button on it and select install and windows will add it to your list. There are no settings yet (hopefully there WILL be some soon!). It will automatically try to pick a suitable resolution. If it complains about DirectX, see the requirements.


I have placed instructions on how to fix the december DirectX issue here. Basically, the latest version of DBP requires one of the latest installs of DirectX 9.0c (yup, there is more than one!)


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