3D Gravity Screensaver


This is a game I started earlier this year (about June 2006) and - as is usual for me - I didn't finish it. Well now its certainly closer to being finished! A working screensaver with mesmerizing balls whooshing everywhere.

How To Install

There is no media for this screensaver. Just download the screensaver, double click the self extracter and you'll see a nice new screensaver. Press right mouse button on it and select install and windows will add it to your list. There are no settings yet. It will automatically try to pick a suitable resolution. If it complains about DirectX, see the requirements.


I have placed instructions on how to fix the december DirectX issue here. Basically, the latest version of DBP requires one of the latest installs of DirectX 9.0c (yup, there is more than one!)


Attachment Size
3d-grav-ss.sfx.exe (1.02 MB) 1.02 MB