Dodge The Fart


This is a game I started over a year ago and never really got around to finishing. Well now I decided to actually try to finish a game! With the help of The Game Creators forum (a special thanks to "Freddix" for compiling The Ultimate Shader Pack AND creating the eXtends plugin for Dark Basic Professional) I have managed to not only improve the games efficiency but I have also given it quite a bit more eye candy too!

How To Play

Once you have loaded the game and clicked on start, simply move the mouse to tilt the table. To get the best scores, you might want to avoid the evil red mines!


I have replaced the instructions on how to fix the december DirectX issue with those on the DBP page, click here.

UPDATE: I have recently had experience of what happens to the game if you try to run it one a machine with insufficient shader capability. It runs - but the whole game uses one texture and looks incredibly strange. If that happens - its time to get a new graphics card!


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