New Blog: Beginners guide to photography

Ever wanted to start taking good photo's? Ever wondered what the ISO setting, Exposure Time or that little symbol of a flower on your camera meant? This great new photography blog has just opened to help out new photographers with these kinds of questions. It is run by my Girlfriend who recently just got a Canon EOS 400D and wanted to learn how to use the camera.

As of writing this there are two good "introduction to" articles and there are plans for many more to come. The first of these is called Exploring the Camera - Basic Stuff and covers the 7 main modes of the Canon EOS 400D which are:

  • Fully Automatic
  • Portrait Mode
  • Landscape Mode
  • Macro/Close-up Mode
  • Sports Mode
  • Night Portrait Mode
  • No-Flash Mode

This article also contains several example photo's.

The second and most recent article is titles Technical Terms - ISO Basically Explained and covers the ISO Settings and Shutter Speed settings on the camera and how tweaking these values can completely change the outcome of your photo.

This blog is still very early in its development but I think its going to be a fantastic resource for those who are looking to start a hobby as photography.