1000 Damn good icons!

I have a never ending quest to find good free stuff. Finding free stuff is easy - its the GOOD bit that stumps me…

Often I dont even mind paying for something if its quality, but obviously free is better!

Quality Icons are something I am always on the lookout for and I have been a member of Icon Buffet for a long time now — I'm a big fan of the free deliveries — and, although I've purchased a few packs (Oslo, Oslo Buzz and Soho), they are very expensive for a "bedroom programmer" such as myself.

Icon Buffet

Iconbuffet.com - Royalty Free Icons


Enter FamFamFam

While trundling through the net, as I often do when bored, I found FamFamFam.com who's about page describes himself and the site as follows…

famfamfam.com is the website of Mark James, a part-time web developer, part-time student currently living in Birmingham, UK.

Amongst his minimalist content you will see 3 sets of fantastic icons which are completely free (within the Creative Commons 2.5 License).

There are 3 sets…

  • Silk
  • Flags
  • Mini

There also seems to be a set called Bitsy on its way too!

Mark - keep up the fantastic work! Those icons are fab-tastic!