I'm a lazy linux piper

This morning I updated a site to the latest release of Drupal 5.16. Nothing special there at all. I've done that many times as has (hopefully) mabye other drupal devs… However, I'm a bit of a newbie when it comes to SVN. Didn't I mention this drupal site was in an SVN repository? ;-)

So, I've svn copy'd the trunk to an "update_to_5.16" branch, checked out this branch and done a cvs up -dP -r DRUPAL-5-16. Everything is going according to plan so far. Next I run svn status to get a list of files which I need to mark as added or deleted (or to list anything else which has gone wrong). What happens next is I get a list of hundreds of CVS Template files which have been added to the CVS folders. For example…

?      profiles/default/CVS/Template
M      profiles/default/CVS/Entries
M      profiles/default/CVS/Tag
?      profiles/CVS/Template
M      profiles/CVS/Tag
?      themes/bluemarine/CVS/Template
M      themes/bluemarine/CVS/Entries
M      themes/bluemarine/CVS/Tag
M      themes/engines/phptemplate/phptemplate.engine
?      themes/engines/phptemplate/CVS/Template
M      themes/engines/phptemplate/CVS/Entries
M      themes/engines/phptemplate/CVS/Tag
?      themes/engines/CVS/Entries.Log
?      themes/engines/CVS/Template
M      themes/engines/CVS/Tag
?      themes/garland/images/CVS/Template
M      themes/garland/images/CVS/Entries
M      themes/garland/images/CVS/Tag
?      themes/garland/minnelli/CVS/Template
M      themes/garland/minnelli/CVS/Entries
M      themes/garland/minnelli/CVS/Tag
?      themes/garland/minnelli/color/CVS/Template
M      themes/garland/minnelli/color/CVS/Entries
M      themes/garland/minnelli/color/CVS/Tag
?      themes/garland/CVS/Template

So as you can see from this (shortened) list, several Entries & Tag files have been modified (along with 1 core file). The files labelled with a ? are ones which are new in the Working Copy which are not in the SVN repository.

Now those who know me or read my blog may know I dont enjoy tedious jobs. I think the definition of tedious could be described as typing svn add themes/garland/minnelli/CVS/Template hundreds of times (for each ? file in list which was much longer that than). What do I do when I have to do tedious jobs? I find a bash script which will do it for me and then blog about it!

So, firstly, I tried piping the svn st results through grep to filter out the results which need adding. I also add a filter to only add Template entries to start with.

svn st | grep ^? | grep Template$

The svn st is short-hand for svn status.

Next we need to strip out the question marks and spaces at the beginning of each line. Enter gawk. I'm not an expert at gawk, but this time it seemed to Just WorkTM.

svn st | grep ^? | grep Template$ | gawk '{ print $2 }'

I then trid to just pipe that into svn add. Subversion did not appreciate this and complained about there not being enough arguments. "Ok", I thought — I've seen this problem before when trying to work with the results of a list of files produced by the find command… What about the xargs command? Would you adam and eve it? It worked!

$ svn st | grep ^? | grep Template$ | gawk '{ print $2 }' | xargs svn add
A         profiles/default/CVS/Template
A         profiles/CVS/Template
A         themes/bluemarine/CVS/Template
A         themes/engines/phptemplate/CVS/Template
A         themes/engines/CVS/Template
A         themes/garland/images/CVS/Template
A         themes/garland/minnelli/CVS/Template
A         themes/garland/minnelli/color/CVS/Template
A         themes/garland/CVS/Template
A         themes/garland/color/CVS/Template
A         themes/CVS/Template
A         themes/chameleon/CVS/Template
A         themes/chameleon/marvin/CVS/Template
A         themes/pushbutton/CVS/Template
A         scripts/CVS/Template
A         sites/default/CVS/Template
A         sites/all/CVS/Template
A         sites/CVS/Template
A         misc/farbtastic/CVS/Template
A         misc/CVS/Template
A         CVS/Template
A         includes/CVS/Template
A         modules/aggregator/CVS/Template
A         modules/blog/CVS/Template
A         modules/system/CVS/Template
A         modules/upload/CVS/Template
A         modules/filter/CVS/Template
A         modules/node/CVS/Template
A         modules/drupal/CVS/Template
A         modules/help/CVS/Template
A         modules/forum/CVS/Template
A         modules/book/CVS/Template
A         modules/block/CVS/Template
A         modules/statistics/CVS/Template
A         modules/contact/CVS/Template
A         modules/CVS/Template
A         modules/tracker/CVS/Template
A         modules/path/CVS/Template
A         modules/ping/CVS/Template
A         modules/locale/CVS/Template
A         modules/profile/CVS/Template
A         modules/watchdog/CVS/Template
A         modules/comment/CVS/Template
A         modules/menu/CVS/Template
A         modules/legacy/CVS/Template
A         modules/search/CVS/Template
A         modules/throttle/CVS/Template
A         modules/poll/CVS/Template
A         modules/blogapi/CVS/Template
A         modules/color/images/CVS/Template
A         modules/color/CVS/Template
A         modules/taxonomy/CVS/Template
A         modules/user/CVS/Template

Brilliant! One line of commands joined together with a pipe and I have saved many, many minutes of tedious and bording typing!