I'm getting a new k850i!

I just got off the phone with the O2 Upgrades team. I suggested that I was interested in either the Nokia N95 OR the Sony Ericsson k850i. I was informed that neither the N95 or k850i could not be done for free on the budget/contract I was asking for so I asked to be put through to the retention team. After being on hold for a few minutes the call was retrieved from the abyss that was the call waiting queue and I got a good offer…

I was told that I could get the k850i for free! Here is the summary:

  • Free k850i
  • 12 month contract
  • £30 per month
  • 500 texts
  • 500 anytime/network minutes

Now, for me, that is not a bad deal (considering the k850i has just come out!). I was informed that this was a 'special offer' from an old 12 month contract. O2 claim to be phasing out 12 month contracts and this was a contract introduced a year ago and taken off the shelf when the new 18 month deals came out recently.

As soon as I get my new phone I'll be posting up some shots that the camera is capable of and a review of its facilities. Cant wait!


Looks like I WILL have to wait! The phone is out of stock and O2 will be getting a delivery on the 15th October  (Monday) so it should be despatched on that day.