New Drupal Site - Codebase

Today I officially launch a new Codebase for Dark Basic Pro. I'm a big fan of Dark Basic Pro and this Codebase is one of the ways I'd like to help the community back. There is a codebase which The Games Creators provide and it is a good codebase with a LOT of content. This codebase, however, offers more  "Web 2.0" features such as free tagging, comments and rating (and I've only just got started - more to come!).

Codebase Large Banner

I have many more plans for this site - the next big "invention" on it will be completely customized user profile pages. These profile pages will resemble a Facebook profile more than a Drupal Profile page.

I am personally very happy with the design - its quite unique (I know the backgrounds are a little bit matrix-like) - I've never seen a website with this design.

Why not take a browse around the site? If you see any code you're interested in - you can get a free, no strings attached, demo of Dark Basic Pro from The Games Creators website.

If you're interested in more information about Dark Basic Pro of The Games Creators in general - click the banner below.

Dark Basic Pro and Dark Basic banner