We use NTL at home and recently they have been quite inconsistent when it comes to speed. Fair enough, when they upgraded us for free from 2Mb to 4Mb, I can accept a little slow down while the techies get on and sort the network out - but since friday our internet connection has stopped me from getting to one or two of the sites I works with, including this one! The one I was most concerned about was www.sportbusiness.com which was recently moved onto a new server over the weekend. Just when I needed (not wanted, NEEDED) to get to it - NTL stop me getting there.

After much investigation, I've rounded the problem down to the NTL cache/proxy server's

I did all the modem and router restarting malarky and thanks to some suggestions over at The Game Creators Geek Cultre Forum, I managed to reconnect to these sites using some alternative proxy servers.

To do this, I went to connections settings in Firefox (from Tools > Options). I then selected manual configuration and ONLY in the HTTP box, I started entering proxy server addresses which I found at a fellow NTL-er's page about transparent proxy's. I'm currently using the 1st manchester proxy and its working faster than the bromley ones ever did!

I wonder if its just me thats having this problem…