Global Redirect Update

One of my most popular Drupal modules - Global Redirect - has just had an update from 1.2 to 1.3. This update includes several fixes for the following:


  • Protection on aliases for inaccessible URL's. For example, if you alias /admin to something like /admin-frontpage then, in 1.2, an anonymous person could type in /admin and would be redirected BEFORE they got shown the access denied. This is fixed in 1.3 which now provides you with a level of protection on private pages - especially handy for sites with protected nodes.
  • Compatibility with modules that have their own bootstrapping scripts is improved. Global Redirect now only works if the referring script name is "/index.php". This helps with modules such as the Ad module.
  • Compatibility with Live should be improved by Global Redirect no longer touching page requests which contain any $_POST information.
  • The feature for redirecting non-clean to clean has finally made it from dev to official release. This is an especially handy feature if you've just moved your site from non-clean to clean URL's as all indexed pages in Google & Co will automatically redirect.

For those who have never heard of Global Redirect, it is a small and handy module which will help to protect your website from duplicate content which can arise from enabling the Path module. Once Path is enabled an a URL Alias is created for a node (or view, panel or anything else), Drupal still allows you to access the page on the old "Source" URL (eg, node/123). This means that the old page Google & Co knew about still exists in its index but you ALSO now have a new page with a different name... Two unqiue page URL's... Identical page content... Google & Co tend not to like this and you could potentially end up is quite hot water (or even blacklisted altogether) if you are caught with Duplicate Content like this.