New Sportbusiness website goes live!

A project I've been working on for months, recently accelerated with the assistance of two newly employed colleagues (who are picking up this Drupal thing VERY quickly!) have meant that has finally moved from an old Solaris and Oracle setup with no server management or backup facility to a nice shiny new one with a company called Rackspace.

We've had a server with Rackspace for over a year and its been fantastic. I think we've had a total of 1 hour of unplanned outtage which was caused by an issue outside of their control. Its such a weight off my mind to have such a large website of over 24,000 news articles (not all currently published due to Google Indexing) onto a proper setup.

Anywho - please go and visit Sport Business's website and see what you think. Its a b2b type website but has LOADS of news about the sport's industry

While you're at it - why not visit some of the other site's I've worked with?